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Balloon tamponade in atonic bleeding induces uterine contraction: attempt to quantify uterine stiffness using acoustic radiation force impulse elastography before and after balloon tamponade.
8%) patients, variceal bleeding persisted despite pharmacological and endoscopic therapy and balloon tamponade.
Placental site bleeding, if anticipated because it follows a placenta praevia or placenta accreta, could be treated with balloon tamponade.
Our data demonstrated that Child-Pugh grade C patients, who have the least hepatic reserve, were more likely to have a major bleed and require pitressin or octreotide and balloon tamponade in addition to sclerotherapy to control acute bleeding.
Keywords: Postpartum haemorrhage, PPH, Balloon tamponade.
There was grossly substandard care in 60% of cases, including failure to secure haemostasis at the initial CS, non-use of potentially effective treatment such as parenteral ergometrine, uterine compression sutures and balloon tamponade, and delays in definitive management such as hysterectomy.
present an unusual case of secondary PPH managed by balloon tamponade.
Hydrostatic intrauterine balloon tamponade, "This is a 'balloon' usually made of synthetic rubber balloon catheters such as Foley catheters, Rusch catheters, SOS Bakri catheters, Sengstaken-Blakemore and even using sterile rubber glove condom.
Balloon tamponade to reduce bleeding due to uterine atony or placenta praevia is not useful.
Those with mild bleeding were managed by local measures like electro-coagulation, adrenaline injection and balloon tamponade.