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The subdivision of a department in a hospital or academic institution—e.g., internal medicine—into specialized fields—e.g., cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, et al—each having its own separate administration, staff, and ‘turf’
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It would offer the advantage of providing a means of delinking federal employee pay from congressional pay and would bring some order to the chaos that has resulted from the balkanization of the civil service over the last two decades.
Under a balkanization strategy, ethnic boundaries would need to be drawn.
In the Catholic tradition, a certain degree of balkanization is understood as the only bulwark against individualism.
While lauding the courage and determination of Iraqis who participated in those elections, he points out that an American decision to insist on a national proportional representation election, instead of encouraging cross-ethnic and cross-confessional tickets to emerge in localities around the nation, made the results yet another step towards a balkanization of Iraq on strictly communal lines.
Such balkanization is at the heart of Johnson's critique--he is clearly interested in relocating sports poetry into the mainstream arguments of contemporary poetry.
blue California marked by regional balkanization, where the high-population, coastal blue areas are dominated by Democrats and the low-population red interior by Republicans.
He fears that further state regulation of the cellular telephony could lead to undesirable balkanization of the industry.
The panel warns that if resources are not dedicated to ACP, the result is likely to be "increased fragmentation and balkanization of the research communities.
When conservatives criticized bilingual education and extreme multiculturalism for fracturing the nation's social cohesion, the union leader concurred, fought those programs, and argued that private school vouchers would promote even further balkanization.
John Anderson, of the Electricity Consumers Resource Council asserted, "Until we address the total transmission system, the wholesale interstate electricity grid will continue to be subject to balkanization and inefficiency.