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The subdivision of a department in a hospital or academic institution—e.g., internal medicine—into specialized fields—e.g., cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, et al—each having its own separate administration, staff, and ‘turf’
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In Blair's balkanised Britain, only the Red Dragon would be acceptable on bilingual identity cards issued in Wales.
Stripped of Scottish seats in the House of Commons if Britain was Balkanised, Gordon Brown may have gone down in the record books as Labour's last ever Premier.
Of course, Ed Balls wasn't guilty of "social engineering" when he encouraged the growth of the faithbased schools that have served to entrench the religious divisions in Britain's already Balkanised society, was he?
Sectarian violence has ebbed considerably in recent months, as once-mixed neighbourhoods have become Balkanised and insurgent groups have been crippled.