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The subdivision of a department in a hospital or academic institution—e.g., internal medicine—into specialized fields—e.g., cardiology, dermatology, nephrology, neurology, et al—each having its own separate administration, staff, and ‘turf’
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La balkanisation est le fait du contexte d'avant l'avenement de la famille ISO 9000 des normes en 1987.
India could exploit the situation and work towards the balkanisation of Pakistan particularly in the aftermath of the recently concluded joint strategy between Washington and Delhi," The News quoted Khan, as saying.
And will Mr Hain please explain why Balkanisation - the fulfilment of national hopes by the dissolution of a large and centralised state - is a bad thing, but Balticisation - the fulfilment of national hopes etc - is a good thing?
We have a Welshman and a South African telling us that the Balkanisation of England is the only way forward.
He said: 'While regional assemblies are in my belief an undesirable move that could lead to the balkanisation of England, with Welsh Conservative policies devolution can work for the people of Wales.
AaAaAa "The aim is to achieve development and preserve stability, instead of succumbing to the temptation of hegemony, balkanisation and the fabrication of fragile entities, which not only hamper progress, but are also incompatible with today's world of powerful blocs," HM the king concluded.
Zardari's spokesman Farhatullah Babar quoted him, as saying that the conspirators had planned to postpone elections indefinitely and to provoke the PPP workers to take to the streets on that fateful day to hasten the process of balkanisation.
All he succeeds in doing every time is exposing the undemocratic nature and true roots of this useless and unwanted body, which serves only the ongoing plan for the Balkanisation of Britain.
Traffic, transport and movements of people are no respecters of artificial boundaries, and the question has to be asked how Balkanisation of the conurbation-wide transport function could possibly help.
It's a prerequisite of balkanisation that it sucks everyone else into its black hole, whether they like it or not.
Mr Clinton said: "I do not believe the solution to hatred in the Balkans is even greater Balkanisation.