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the countries of the Balkan Peninsula, which include Romania, Bulgaria, and Yugoslavia.
Balkan frame - metal frame above a bed which provides for limb suspension, named for the Balkan wars, 1908-1913.
Balkan nephrectomy
Balkan nephritis - chronic progressive nephritis seen predominantly in Balkan countries.
Balkan nephropathy - interstitial nephritis occurring in the Balkan countries.
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NATO has many other functions than security and defense, and therefore, we wish all Balkan states to take place in NATO," Gul said during a Balkan Leaders Summit in New York, the United States.
The Western Balkan states face two inter-twined energy challenges, with the security of gas supply pertinent to their resolution.
10) Moreover, such a fear can hardly exist in evaluating the impacts of enlargement on New Zealand's individual relations with the Balkan states which will join the Union in the upcoming years.
Among scholars represented here are: Herwig on Germany, Richard Hall on Serbia and the other Balkan states, David Rich on Russia, Eugenia Kiesling on France, J.
During Pope John Paul II's June visits to the Balkan states, he beatified two natives of the war-torn region in the hope that they serve as an example for residents on the road to reconciliation.
One can read in many important international reports about the lawlessness and criminality in the Balkan states, but Croatia is never included.
Washington officials said recently they are prepared to provide $200,000 to fund a study into pipeline routes, and to support the scheme as one of several atoned at enhancing economic cooperation with the Balkan states.
The ISP plans to extend its services to Greece and then throughout the Balkan states over the next half year.
We will continue our cooperation with maximum efforts for stability and development of Balkan states, including Bulgaria," Kono was quoted as saying during a 20-minute meeting with Kavaldzhiev, who is visiting Tokyo to attend the official funeral Thursday of former Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi.
Miyazawa was quoted as saying Japanese companies seem to regard Croatia and other Balkan states as nations with security problems.
Russia, Canada, Japan, and all Balkan states except the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
The United States and NATO have asked several Balkan states to consider allowing overflight or providing bases to accommodate more than 300 additional aircraft that the alliance's supreme commander, Gen.