Balkan Endemic Nephropathy

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A chronic tubulointerstitial nephropathy endemic to the littoral regions of the Danube, occurring in the Balkans—Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia
Etiology Unknown; converging lines of evidence suggest a link to long-term consumption of food contaminated with aristolochic acid
Prognosis The natural course of the disease is characterised by universal development of end-stage renal disease and the frequent development of upper urinary tract tumours; most patients die within 10 yrs of onset
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Ochratoxin A in human blood in relation to Balkan endemic nephropathy and urinary tract tumours in Bulgaria.
Those patients who ingested a low dose over many years experienced delayed onset of renal failure and a clinical course like Balkan endemic nephropathy.
And an often-fatal kidney disease known as Balkan endemic nephropathy, which affects people who live in rural areas of Bulgaria, Romania, and Yugoslavia, has been linked with ochratoxin A, a mycotoxin that can contaminate beans, grains, and some of the meat of pigs hat eat tainted grain.

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