Rudolph, Hungarian neurologist and psychiatrist, 1874-1930. See: Balint syndrome.
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At the end, Sulaiti managed to get the bike back and came second place, while the 17-year-old rider from Hungary, Balint Kovacs, secured his first podium of the season by finishing third.
The bank has appointed Balint Elek as head of global trade and receivables finance (GTRF) for Ireland.
Allocating Pound 10 million for the reconstruction of university halls of residence and possibly another Pound 10 million later this year is not what Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer) promised in 2015 it is a poor patchwork solution for the alarming state of university dorms in Slovakia, said chairman of the Student Council of Universities, Balint Lovasz.
The driver who died after his semitrailer truck fell off an I-355 ramp near New Lenox on Tuesday has been identified by the Will County coroner's office as 33-year-old Serghei Balint of downstate Ewing, ABC 7 reported Wednesday.
Balint Magyar, a sociologist, is the former Hungarian Minister of Education.
Miranda Elish (11-0) pitched the final three innings in relief of Oregon starter Maggie Balint.
Before 1998, only three girls with JIA had been diagnosed with Felty's syndrome; in two other cases, JIA persisted into adulthood and became Felty's syndrome (Balint & Balint, 2004; Xiao et al.
Jeremy Balint decides to kill his rival -- and to become a serial killer in order to hide his motive.
This is similar to Balint group process (Crossman, 2012) in which the individual who has presented a difficult case "sits out" and listens passively while group members discuss it.
Nous avons choisi de tenir, pour la premiere fois, notre conclave annuel a l'etranger et precisement dans la ville tunisienne de Sousse, pour temoigner de la volonte de notre association a developper la cooperation touristique avec la Tunisie", a declare le president de la MUISZ, Erdei Balint.
The result of the authorEs 30 years of interest in Michael Balint (1896-1970), a major figure in the British Independent School of Psychoanalysis, Oppenheim-GluckmanEs book presents an overview of the main tenets of BalintEs work, providing a new perspective on his contribution and its importance for modern object-relations theory and practice, and brief psychotherapy.
RETURN Winger Luke Freeman is likely to be back for the leaders Bristol City Notts Co v Chesterfield Shaun Derry has clean bill of health but Kaiyne Woolery and Balint Bajner could start again for County.