Bald Spot

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Molecular biology A popular term for a nonhybridizing zone on a hybridization blot—Southern, Northern, Western—which corresponds to a technical artifact, due to inadequate bathing of hybridization fluid in the bag containing the radiolabelled or biotinylated probe
Vox populi A hairless patch on the scalp
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Bald Spot Sports produces custom-molded seats for open-wheel IRL racing.
If you notice a bald spot on your head, don't go to your doctor.
There was the issue of a bald spot I had, but that's no longer something I need think about.
It usually starts as a small bald spot that slowly gets bigger.
A few years ago, I decided to explore the possibilities of covering my small bald spot (see photo of slight receed above).
Amy Gibson was 13 years old and acting on the soap opera ``Love of Life'' when she discovered a bald spot on her scalp the size of her palm.
She first noticed a bald spot the size of a 10p piece near her parting.
He has the misfortune to have not only been blessed with his dad's bald spot, he also has his total inability to dress casually.
Now Cameron is following their example, with flecks of silver already appearing in his hair and a bald spot growing balder.
Seth Garon, of Portland, Oregon, was all too familiar with male pattern baldness, as evidenced by the continuing growth of his bald spot and receding hair line.
DAVID Cameron has revealed his number one priority for 2014 is "keeping the bald spot under control".