Bald Spot

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Molecular biology A popular term for a nonhybridizing zone on a hybridization blot—Southern, Northern, Western—which corresponds to a technical artifact, due to inadequate bathing of hybridization fluid in the bag containing the radiolabelled or biotinylated probe
Vox populi A hairless patch on the scalp
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It frequently begins with one or more round bald spots on the scalp or in the eyebrows.
Using laser scanning, Createc Corporation, a supplier of beaded foam, and Bald Spot Sports, a manufacturer of custom racing seats, both located in Indianapolis, IN, have simplified the seat fabrication process.
You can scratch a bald spot on Four head trying to figure out how to cut miters on crown molding.
Why, one might muse on seeing Duncan, 2002, is this bespectacled fellow in the brown and gray T-shirt, with a vast field behind him, looking down toward his feet as if he'd rather show his bald spot than his face?
I studied my chocolate bar wrapper, the exit signs, the curtain pelmet, even the bald spot on the head of the man in front - everything but the stage, where nothing of the least interest was happening.
Since I've come up here I twist my hair so hard it snaps and now I have a bald spot that my barrettes can barely cover.
So many pats in the head, you know what happened up there,' the Argentine pointed at his bald spot much to the delight of everyone in attendance.
So, perhaps it is not as shocking as some commentators claim that Lino Carbosiero, who has successfully kept the bald spot on the back of the prime ministers head almost permanently hidden was given this prestigious title in the "New years honours list.
What in my mind was my discreet but manageable bald spot is in fact the size of a dinner plate.
I have a bald spot [from her fight with Lauren Goodger] and I'm using a LaserComb on it - it's a special 'brush' that stimulates hair follicles.
The only part of his head unaffected is the little bald spot on the top of it.