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Australian town.
Bairnsdale ulcer - infection due to Mycobacterium.
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As planning and environmental approvals are likely to take some time, the scope of the project has been expanded to include upgrades to level crossings between Bairnsdale and Sale.
Mycobacterium ulcerans causes a necrotizing disease of skin and soft tissue known as Bairnsdale or Daintree ulcer in Australia and Buruli ulcer worldwide.
Survey techniques included Elliott trapping, Type A (Elliott Scientific Equipment, Upwey, Victoria), cage trapping (Wiretainers Pty Ltd, Preston, Victoria; RE Walters 1899 Pty Ltd, Sunshine, Victoria), pitfall trapping, remote surveillance cameras (Scoutguard, Models: SG550V and KG680V, China), harp trapping (Ecological Consulting Services, Newport, Victoria; Faunatech, Bairnsdale, Victoria) and general observation.
For instance, the Bairnsdale centenary stone marks the first marriage in Bairnsdale between Thomas Jackson and Rosanna Kelly, Bairnsdale's first settler and the birth of the first settler child.
The other two were admitted at the Bairnsdale hospital in Gippsland last week.
These include formal educational institutions such as schools, TAFE institutes and universities, as well as several community education groups, like the Indigenous organisation Krowathunkooloong Keeping Place in Bairnsdale.
Taking advantage of developments in transport and communications, tourists could travel by train to Bairnsdale, then to Lakes Entrance by steamer and increasingly, many preferred to drive by car, visiting Lakes Entrance en route to Sydney.
His educational odyssey took him far from the small world of Bairnsdale, his childhood home, and yet--as I have indicated above--he was also adaptable, perhaps even a chameleon.
Current rates of tuberculosis, Hanson's Disease (leprosy) and the buruli ulcer (also known as the Bairnsdale ulcer) have increased the importance of studies of mycobacteria.
Citigroup said in a research note late last year that Origin could consider acquiring at least three of BBP's power stations, including the Braema and Osborne stations in Queensland as well as Bairnsdale plant in Victoria state.
Koori courts operate at the Bairnsdale, Broadmeadows, Latrobe Valley, Mildura, Shepparton, Swan Hill and Warrnambool Magistrates' Courts: Magistrates' Court of Victoria, Koori Court (2008) <http://www.