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Francis A., English physiologist, 1874-1921. See: Bainbridge reflex.
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The City seeks qualified consultants to provide geotechnical engineering services associated with implementation of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) Chapter 16.
NEIL Bainbridge continues to make his mark in the ultra-competitive Pirelli British Superstock Championship.
Again, it was Gareth Bainbridge who took the man-of-the-match honours when he scored all three goals.
Although be regularly describes himself as "weird-looking," 32-year-old Adam Bainbridge seems pretty comfortable in his own skin.
Mark Bainbridge used cheques from a closed account in the name of Midwest Mortgage Management to buy goods worth a total of PS12,176 in April and May last year.
The final meeting, featuring an update from Simon Bainbridge of-Donkin Farm, Morpeth, plus experts who have worked on the project, takes place on July 3 at Donkin Rigg.
March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Situated on a prominent corner of Bainbridge Island, Washington, across from the Seattle-Bainbridge Island ferry terminal, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) is scheduled to open its doors on June 14[sup.
STEVE BAINBRIDGE played up for Royds Hall C and helped win two points, but his side were beaten in the Huddersfield Badminton League.
AN EXHIBITION of paintings by the celebrated and award-winning novelist, the late Dame Beryl Bainbridge, will go on display at the Museum of Liverpool.
THE RECENT MERGER OF BURNES AND NIELSEN Bainbridge gives the frame makers a considerably bigger profile in the industry and plenty of cross-merchandising opportunities and cost-saving potential.
MOORFIELDS CONSULTANT James Bainbridge has been awarded a research professorship from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR),the award will provide a 1.
Organizers of the Booker Prize have recognized often-nominated Beryl Bainbridge with a posthumous "best of" award.