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capital of Iraq.
Baghdad boil - Synonym(s): Alibert disease II
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At Central Command,Allied officials said they were investigating reports that a Red Cross maternity hospital in Bagdhad was bombed,killing several people.
30 Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf acknowledged that one of Saddam Hussein's homes was hit in Thursday's bombing of Bagdhad.
BAGDHAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Minister of Electricity Kareem Waheed has called on the new Iraqi ambassadors to the world to encourage investors to play a more prominent role in the Iraqi electricity sector, a ministry statement said on Thursday.
Looking nervous and edgy, he delivered a grim warning that the cost of failing to oust the dictator would be "paid in blood" on the streets of Bagdhad as Saddam continued to murder his own people.
Stange returned to Germany from Bagdhad on Thursday, stating that it would be better to prepare the training plans on safe grounds.
By that time, Don Revie was in charge of the United Arab Emirates, and the Bagdhad meeting proved a fruitful one for Wright.
WHAT a load of tosh Mrs L Duncan wrote when she claimed Tony Blair and George W Bush were trying to look "tall and macho" when they bombed Bagdhad (Mirror, Feb 26).
BAGDHAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Vice President Adel Abdulmahdi on Saturday received a delegation led by the special adviser to the UN secretary general, Ibrahim Gambari, to discuss the recent developments to the International Covenant for Iraq.