Bag Man

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A regional term for a person who transports money as part of the supply chain of illicit drugs
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Since that memorable week in Detroit life has not been such plain sailing for Casey and his bag man.
Last year at Royal Lytham, Woosie's bag man Miles Byrne packed 15 clubs - one more than allowed.
In that era of do-it-now optimism, government was neither a bad man to be tarred and feathered nor a bag man to collect campaign contributions, but an instrument to help the most vulnerable in our society.
Steward claims he is merely a bag man for Hamed, with Suarez retaining sole control of the champion's corner.
The legendary Scots bag man guided Lee Trevino to back-to-back Open titles in 1971 and 1972 and helped Roberto di Vicenzo win the Claret Jug aged 44 at Hoylake in 1967.
Asked whether Claire had any accomplices, Abigail recalls a nightmare vision - a masked and eyeless child-stealer called the Bag Man.
A rare airing for a former cult favourite Wings and another blast from the past Carry Bag Man, while the finale was fabulous - a nu-rave Reformation that seemed to go on for hours.
Monty's bag man has 18 years' experience in his locker as he walks through his fifth Ryder Cup appearance He has seen it all, wins and losses, tears and cheers.
PAY HATTENTION: Ricky playfully tests Scott's chin before our man (inset, top) becomes Ricky's bag man then gets taken under the champ's wing (centre) before Ricky starts serious sparring (bottom); IT'S FOR REAL: Ricky in action in the ring; BELTER: Champ Hatton
If you thought Gordon Brown was dour, his Treasury bag man was worse.
Rose turned to the bubbly bag man after missing three successive cuts following his fifth-placed finish at the US Open in June writes Neil Ashton.
Bag man McLean called the clubs for Colin Montgomerie when the Scot emerged from the pack on the final day in February last year, a victory that also earned Monty his first success on the Australian continent.