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Johann F.W.A. von, German chemist and Nobel laureate, 1835-1917. See: Baeyer theory.
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En ella se destacaba principalmente como Casares "combino idealmente ensenanza e investigacion", y se enfatizaban las buenas relaciones y el "vinculo intelectual" que Casares mantuvo con quimicos alemanes como Adolf von Baeyer, Johanes Thiele y Richard Willstatter.
Chan and von Baeyer propose some modifications for simplifying self-report pain scales for preschoolers, based on cognitive developmental researchfor example, using tools with no more than three response options and considering the child's past pain experiences.
The CAPS was intended for use with children from 4 to 10 years old, but available evidence suggests that anxiety and pain are not cognitively and verbally distinguishable before about 8 to 10 years of age (Champion, Goodenough, von Baeyer, & Thomas, 1998).
Faces Pain Scale--Revised (FPS-R) (Hicks, von Baeyer, Spafford, van Korlaar, & Goodenough, 2001) Brazilian Portuguese version is validated for the Brazilian population (Charry, Piola, Linhares, & Silva, 2014; Poveda, Silva, Passareli, Santos, & Linhares, 2003).
Only after many years and at the huge cost of 18 million German marks did renowned German chemist Adolf von Baeyer (1835-1917) uncover indigo's chemical structure in 1883, earning him a Nobel Prize.
2009; Crandall, Lammers, Senders, Saavedra, & Braun, 2007), or in graphic form with colored or facial scales (Abu-Saad & Holzemer, 1981; Hicks, von Baeyer, Spafford, van Korlaar, & Goodenough, 2001; McGrath et al.
The depressive explanatory style for negative outcomes was found to predict depression levels in college students (Seligman, Abramson, Semmel, &von Baeyer, 1979).
von Baeyer, "Almost circular orbits in classical action-at-a-distance electrodynamics," Physical Review D, Vol.
The first barbituric acid was synthesized in 1864 by Adolph von Baeyer [7].
academics, work, and sports) (Fernandez-Ballesteros, 2002; Peterson, Semmel, von Baeyer, Abramson, Metalsky, & Seligman, 1982).
Cornelius von Baeyer, a management consultant from Canada who specializes in business ethics, put it this way: "We hear that codes are useless--hypocritical window-dressing to mask continuing corruption.
Disordered sleep (DS) in children may be a result of musculoskeletal problems, chronic diseases, or a range of neurological and sensory processing problems (Finley, Franck, Grunau, & von Baeyer, 2005; International Association for the Study of Pain [IASP], 2004).