forward chaining

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forward chaining1

a method of measuring rehabilitation performance. The patient performs the first step independently, and the therapist helps the patient perform the rest of the steps. The routine is then repeated with the patient performing the first two steps independently, then the first three steps, and so on.

forward chaining2

a method to grade an activity in which an individual learns each step from the beginning; begins with the individual starting the sequence and ends with the occupational therapy practitioner finishing what the individual has not yet learned.
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An intervention was developed for those more severely disabled performances, and backward chaining was used as the main intervention.
Backward chaining was used as the main intervention in the next experiment reported here.
Backward chaining was used as the main intervention in the present study instead of the errorless procedures described in the initial study.
Although the difference between Participant 3's performance in baseline and intervention seems clinically significant, it must be noted that his performance never progressed beyond Level 2 prompting in backward chaining on any tasks.
The most reasonable explanation for this deterioration is that backward chaining was terminated and prompt Level 3 (Siguroardottir & Sighvatsson, 2006) was provided instead (i.
In this extended study, a backward chaining procedure was used to treat two participants who presented with severe Broca's aphasia.
That is why backward chaining procedures were used to target Naming objects.
The goal of this experiment is to use the workings of the FCM backward chaining technique described in section 4.
Backward chaining One of the several control strategies that regulate the order in which inferences are drawn.