Back Belt

A stiff, 15–20-cm wide belt worn around the waists of those who lift heavy loads as part of their usual employment activities or during participation in certain sports
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Shaikh Khalid said that HM receiving the Dan 9 Back Belt asserts the support of HM the King to youth and sport in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Sixth dan back belt Ian, 52, has been invited by Cynthia Rothrock to shoot a promotional video in Hollywood.
The ring-like elastic belt comprises a front belt portion and a back belt portion comprising a belt layer and a belt elastic material joined to the belt layer.
It featured a low back belt, pleated back and forward-moving sides which gave the line its name.
Although she knows she should have worn a back belt because of the employee manual, was she wearing her belt when she was injured?
Tie the pants to the frame by running a piece of string through the back belt loop, then around the stick.
There is concern among some safety experts who support the use of back belts that some employers, after reading the NIOSH report, will consider abandoning their existing back belt programs.
Note: Students must wear a back belt and wrap their knees whenever squatting more than 50 lbs.
Kenpo karate and Wado Kai karate is taught in Newcastle by sixth degree back belt Mike Ilderton.
Sarah and Katie have trained for over four years at Nuneaton under the careful instruction of Avril Quinn, a third degree back belt.
Warren,however, urged the disappointed Harrison to look to the positives in defeat and backed the Scotsman to come back belt.