Bachmann bundle

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Bach·mann bun·dle

division of the theoretic anterior internodal tract that continues into the left atrium providing a specialized path for interatrial conduction. The anatomic reality of this structure has been disputed.


Jean George, U.S. physiologist, 1877-1959.
Bachmann bundle - division of the anterior internodal tract that continues into the left atrium, providing a specialized path for interatrial conduction.


a collection of fibers or strands, as of muscle fibers, or a fasciculus or band of nerve fibers.

accessory bundle of Kent
bundle of His.
atrioventricular bundle
bundle of His.
Bachmann bundle
a large muscle bundle between the right and left atria, thought to serve as a specialized conduction pathway.
bundle branch
see bundle branch.
fundamental bundle
that part of the white matter of the spinal cord bordering the gray matter and containing fibers that travel for a distance of only a few segments of the cord. Called also ground bundle.
bundle of His
a band of atypical cardiac muscle connecting the atria with the ventricles of the heart; called also atrioventricular bundle.
His bundle degeneration
associated with sudden unexpected death or periods of viciousness; most common in Doberman and German shepherd dogs.
His bundle stenosis
inherited in Pug dogs; associated with syncope and sudden death.
Keith's bundle
a bundle of fibers in the wall of the atrium of the heart between the venae cavae.
medial forebrain bundle
a group of nerve fibers connecting the midbrain tegmentum and elements of the limbic system.
sinoatrial bundle
Keith's bundle.
Thorel's bundle
a bundle of muscle fibers in the human heart connecting the sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodes.
uncinate bundle
the sharply bent bundle that connects the frontal lobe of the brain with the temporal and occipital lobes.
bundle of Vicq d'Azyr
a band of fibers from the mamillary body to the anterior nucleus of the thalamus.