Guido, Italian physician, 1832-1916. See: Baccelli sign.
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Groomsmen were Guido Baccelli, Mirko Molinari, Pierpaolo Pietrini, Mateo PoIli, and Andrew Same.
Camila Baccelli Hirota, an engineer from Costa Hirota Itda in Sao Paulo, said the price of each unit was not significantly higher than what you would get in Sao Paulo; however, a two-bedroom condo sized as it was in the Trump Tower would typically be divided into four or five smaller bedrooms in Sao Paulo.
Perry, discussing the famous portrait of the dancer Giovanna Baccelli (d.
In just four years, from 2008 to today, reminded Oliviero Baccelli, Deputy Director of Bocconi (University) Certet and transport expert, domestic traffic of the main national airline, Alitalia, has fallen from 59% of market share, to 48%, losing 11 points, while Ryanair has increased from 7% to 20%, under the conditions that everyone knows, and even EasyJet has grown from 7 to 11%.
PRICELESS The Concert MASTERPIECE Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh ROBBERY Madame Baccelli Dancer from Alfred Beit's collection SMUGGLED Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre by a museum worker THEFT Renoir's The Bathers
The former Minister of Education and parliament member Guido Baccelli expended great efforts over this project, as did Quintino Sella right after the Breach of Porta Pia.
Assistants: Josh Blanchett, Rick Carrero, Bob Fowler, Bill Sullivan, Rich Baccelli.
relates the lives and careers of five popular female dancers: Giovanna Baccelli, Adele Dumilatre, Tamara Karsavina, Moira Shearer, and Catherine Kerr.
Perhaps the most engaging among the 'celebrities' of the period is one who would now be entirely forgotten but for Gainsborough's dazzling painting of her: Giovanna Baccelli, the Venetian-born dancer and mistress of the 3rd Duke of Dorset (1782; Tate, UK).
Gainsborough's Madame Baccelli and Bernardo Bellotto's View of Florence were found by detectives in August.