Baby Jessica

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An infant whose entrapment and subsequent rescue in the public eye illustrated the difference between a multitude of 'faceless' statistical victims and a single identifiable victim, to whom seemingly everyone can ‘bond’ and have a personal interest
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Derek O'Connor celebrates with wife Carol and baby Jessica after reaching the landmark 1,000 winners on Death Duty at Cragmore yesterday
THANKS: Sarah with baby Jessica and Clinical Director, Bill Yoxall and Gill Brady, Milkbank Co-ordin - ator
MIRACLE baby Jessica Muse is believed to be the youngest open heart surgery patient.
I just snuck in," said Ben, dad to Frances, nine, and baby Jessica, five months.
bar] On Sunday the Methodist church held its annual Open Air Anniversary service, including the baptism of baby Jessica Sykes.
Victoria Webster thought the "whole world had ended" after she was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was five months pregnant with baby Jessica.
19New homes Barry and Kate Puncher went gaga over a new, bigger house and moved in just in time to welcome baby Jessica to the family.
This touching picture book was written after a family endured a seven-month stay in a hospital when baby Jessica was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.
Andrea Hargreaves, of Blythe Close, Cawston near Rugby, was looking forward to taking baby Jessica home to spend the rest of the festive season with husband Stephen and her two and a half year-old son Jake.