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Victor, Roumanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926. See: Babesia, Babès nodes.
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Manong Babes and Paolo are working on their vegetable patch and herb garden.
Michelle McFarlane, behaviour for learning manager at Stokesley School, said: "When the Bogus Babes decided that they wanted to open up their space in the youth club to older people for a coffee morning I was so proud of them.
It's great to be able to bring Babes In The Wood to stage this year, particularly as this production has an historical resonance," says The Citadel's community arts manager, and director of this year's panto, Carmel Baines.
Boogie Babes dance and movement class sees parents and grandparents bond with their little ones by singing, dancing and playing.
Babes landed in a garden about a mile away and the householders managed to get her into their garage.
When you get to about 16 and you are given the same club blazer that the Busby Babes wore, it really hits you.
beach babe Melissa Mercier and (left) the Broad Street Walkabout bar.
Pop beauty and ex-Brookie babe Jennifer, 21, was stunner-up with EastEnders' star Jill Halfpenny, 28, third.
The King and Ratt were gliding like angels, high above on parasails, Lee Dawg and Crusher were heating up the dance floor Lopes and Smithers were getting into a little mixed doubles badminton with a couple of babes and Murf and The Rock were happily beer-bonging a couple of cherry-colored wine coolers.
To achieve box-office success, the new action babes have to celebrate women's power without being so threatening that men would be afraid to sleep with the leading lady.
MANILA -- The rumor mill is heating up again after a sex video allegedly involving comedian Wally Bayola and sexy dancer EB Babe Yosh makes the rounds on the web.
Babes, a blue and gold macaw, was injured when it tried to follow its owner through a door and became trapped in the door frame, squashing its beak.