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Victor, Roumanian bacteriologist, 1854-1926. See: Babesia, Babès nodes.
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Boogie Babes dance and movement class sees parents and grandparents bond with their little ones by singing, dancing and playing.
Although any true fan of Babe City Babes will tell you that it's hardly about the babes.
Babes landed in a garden about a mile away and the householders managed to get her into their garage.
Many of the Bogus Babes gained a lot from the project and their confidence and self-esteem seemed to inflate before our very eyes.
To mark the battle of the babes we've printed a poster with Samia on one side and Jenny on the other.
Lauderdale and maybe even Cabo--and it was Heaven; babes and bros partying along the beach with the sweet sounds of Thong Song filling the coconut-scented air.
The show will be performed five times over four days next week, with the story featuring English folk hero Robin Hood and charting his battle to save the babes from the evil Sheriff Rottingham.
Reunited with TOSHI producer Craig Street (of Norah Jones, Charlie Sexton, and Meshell Ndegeocello), Reagon released the new album on Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe label.
beach babe Melissa Mercier and (left) the Broad Street Walkabout bar.
Of course, a closer viewing of these films suggests that, for all their killer moves and rippling muscles, the action babes still aren't really creating a new world order.
The Babes, Karen England and Rebecca Knight, will appear on July 25, the same day the Queen comes to Liverpool as part of her Golden Jubilee tour.
POSTAL 2: Share The Pain' and the Postal Babes are the hottest things at this year's show