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Stephen M., U.S. chemist, 1843-1931. See: Babcock tube.
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Newman, who never reflected on such matters, accepted the situation with great equanimity, but Babcock used to meditate over it privately; used often, indeed, to retire to his room early in the evening for the express purpose of considering it conscientiously and impartially.
Oh, I mean," said Babcock, "was she possibly not to be considered in a different light?
I didn't mean that either," said Babcock, "I was only afraid that I might have seemed yesterday not to remember--not to consider; well, I think I will write to Percival about it.
And yet poor Babcock liked him, and remembered that even if he was sometimes perplexing and painful, this was not a reason for giving him up.
Babcock had become gloomy and even a trifle irritable; he seemed moody, absent, preoccupied; he got his plans into a tangle, and talked one moment of doing one thing and the next of doing another.
demanded Babcock, fixing him with his clear gray eye.
No, I haven't agreed," said Babcock, shaking his head.
He wrote no answer at all but a day or two afterward he found in a curiosity shop a grotesque little statuette in ivory, of the sixteenth century, which he sent off to Babcock without a commentary.
Babcock and his desire to form conclusions, and he remembered also that he had profited very little by his friend's exhortation to cultivate the same respectable habit.
Aggregate Industries US (AIUS), part of the Holcim Group, has awarded Babcock International Group a $30 million 10-year contract to provide fleet-management services for its aggregates operation's Heavy Mobile Equipment (HME) across the Mid-Atlantic Region.
April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Babcock Genetics, Inc.
The Avincis Group has been purchased by Babcock International Group PLC that offers aviation services, comprising air medical, air rescue and aerial firefighting, via subsidiaries across the world.