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Isaac, U.S. inventor, 1799-1862. See: Babbitt metal.
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Serendipitous, if you asked ex-president Babbitt, which the liberal media seldom did.
Manley Babbitt, whose mind and body were now ablaze with conflicting and confused thoughts.
If Babbitt knew his Jingo, the valiant dog would be heading directly for his son's family home, where grandson V.
While doing so, the author describes the title character's attachment to a collection of such inconsequential objects as a fountain pen, a leadless pencil, and a pocketbook filled with month-old receipts and dried out stamps: Babbitt "was earnest about these objects.
Were Lewis's intentions in Babbitt solely to satirize a certain character type, he could have reasonably stopped one day into the novel, with George Babbitt's declaration of trilingual mastery.
If the story of Babbitt is the title character's search for self-awareness, then the cataclysmic event in George Babbitt's life is the implosion of Paul Riesling.
Currently, Babbitt Ranches owns approximately 8100 head of cattle (including heifers, steers, cows, and bulls).
Cordasco's grandfather, John George Babbitt, was the son of the youngest of the five founding Babbitt brothers.
Data provided in Tables 2 & 3 depict Babbitt Ranches' financial performance over the six year period from 1999-2004.
In 1967 Babbitt followed his boss, who had been named director of VISTA, to Washington.
The realist in Babbitt could see that the War on Poverty was to be short-lived.
After a decade of adventure, which has taken him from South Bend to South America to south Texas, Babbitt dusted off his law degree and returned to Phoenix.