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A gene on chromosome 11p11.2 that encodes a transcription factor which acts during endoplasmic reticulum stress by activating unfolded protein response target genes, which is involved in ER-stress response in CNS astrocytes, and may play a role in gliosis.


Cardiology A clinical trial–Organization to Assess Strategies for Ischemic Syndromes. See Heparin, Hirudin, OASIS-2 Managed care A system developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, CMS, formerly HCFA, as part of the required home care assessment for reimbursing health care providers; OASIS combines 20 data elements to measure case-mix across 3 domains–clinical severity, functional statuts and utilization factors. See HHRG.


Cardiovascular disease A catheter system for treating occluded hemodialysis grafts; a low-pressure water jet is used to break up a clot and remove clot fragments. See Deep vein thrombosis.


Abbreviation and acronym for Outcome and Assessment Information Set.


Outcome and assessment information set.


(ō-ā′sĭs) plural.oases [Gr., a fertile area in an arid region]
An area of healthy tissue surrounded by a diseased portion.
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Delivered in the cloud, the SOLON platform uses IBM's advanced analytics solutions and services to analyze millions of data points held by PRO BTP and identify and predict suspicious claims and activity in real-time across both optical and dental domains.
In conclusion, this external validation provides evidence that the performance of the BTP formula suggested by White and coworkers (2) is comparable to that of the reexpressed MDRD equation.
A BTP source said: "The huge bills were run up because of the cost of accessing and cleaning the areas which had been damaged and also because of the fact that rolling stock had to be taken out of service to be cleaned and repaired.
In a letter sent to Gutierrez, Sanchez said BTP never did any business with Cuba but conceded that an affiliate may have done so.
The BTP experience allowed her to broaden her range.
Cuts mean the BTP is set to lose between 50 and 150 officers next year, probably in London.
At the conference he will tell Transport Minister Tony McNulty that BTP should get at least 200 officers rather than be facing the prospect of 50 jobs being lost because of impending financial cuts.
the adhesives and textile coatings division of BTP Plc.
This solution will help us greatly in ensuring compliance, avoiding and quickly resolving spectrum and proximity issues, and decreasing required site visits and the associated risks to personnel," said Peggy Ann Brandon, CEO BTP St.
BTP was measured using a nephelometric assay on a BN Dade Behring ProSpec analyzer.
Instead, BTP is being starved of the essential resources and police numbers we need to support our specialist skills.