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We found that the presence of FHR-1 caused a reduction in the FH-dependent test signal in the BTA TRAK assay.
We subjected increasing amounts of purified FH to the BTA TRAK assay and found a clear dose-dependent positive signal (Fig.
On addition of as low as 3 mL/L NHS to the urine, the BTA TRAK assay result became positive (Fig.
1 in the BTA TRAK assay indicates that the presence of FHR-1 in a patient's urine sample can affect the BTA TRAK test result.
It is therefore likely that the observed competition between FH and FHR-1 in the BTA TRAK assay does not compromise the sensitivity of the assay in clinical diagnosis of BC.
Multicenter trial of the quantitative BTA TRAK assay in the detection of bladder cancer.
Clinical evaluation of the BTA TRAK assay and comparison to voided urine cytology and the Bard BTA test in patients with recurrent bladder tumors.
Here we present the results of a multicenter study comparing the sensitivity of the BTA TRAK assay for bladder cancer with those of voided urine cytology or bladder wash cytology, using cystoscopy or cystoscopy and biopsy as the standard for definitive diagnosis.
A portion of the specimen was frozen at -20[degrees]C and sent to a central laboratory for processing according to the instructions supplied with the BTA TRAK assay kit (Bard Diagnostic Sciences, C.
The BTA TRAK assay can be performed on fresh, refrigerated, or previously frozen urine samples.
Because only symptomatic patients with clinical signs of bladder cancer or patients with known bladder cancer were included in this study, the decision threshold of an earlier clinical evaluation of the BTA TRAK assay was used to select patients with a bladder tumor.
The precision of the BTA TRAK assay was determined according to the procedures recommended by the NCCLS (13) by testing two controls and five urine samples in duplicate in each of 20 independent analytical runs (1 analytical run/day) at three different laboratories.