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BMAS will continue to operate under its existing name as part of the Wesleyan group.
Zu diesem Zweck vergibt als Auftraggeber das BMAS in Kooperation mit dem BMG fr die Stiftung Anerkennung und Hilfe eine Studie zur umfassenden Beschreibung und Bewertung der Umstnde in den betreffenden damaligen stationren Einrichtungen.
Contract award notice: Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs - BMAS, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture - BMEL
Due to the renovation work of the last few years, it is planned to refurbish the buildings of the administration buildings 18, 19 and 20 of the BMAS (user) at the Rochusstrae 1 site in Bonn in a basic and energetic manner, taking into account the requirements of fire protection and inclusion.