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The concerns were great enough for the foreign secretary of the time, Geoffrey Howe, to instruct British diplomatic missions to lobby six Muslim-majority countries against recognising the new state," BGN said.
This year the municipality of the capital is expected to raise BGN 259 M in taxes, an increase of BGN 19 M over 2013.
Besides, mobile operators will face fines of BGN 10A 000 a 100A 000 in the case of a breach of their obligation to inform consumers about their rights when using a roaming service.
com/articles/165223/Bulgaria%27s+KTB+Customers+Get+Paid+BGN+1+B+in+Insured+Deposits+on+First+Day+of+Repayment+">December 4 and only in the first day were paid off more than BGN 1 B.
According to preliminary estimates released by the Finance Ministry on Monday, the shortfall in the consolidated budget totalled BGN 1.
Complementing traditional services such as T1, T3, Frame Relay, and ISDN, BGN currently offers the largest footprint of any single provider in the state implementing the latest access technology, Broadband access via its BlueSpeed DSL.
Deposits and Guarantees required: Participation guarantee for lot 1 is worth 4 600 BGN (four thousand six hundred BGN).
The transportation and placement of the wagons, the provision of power and water supply, and the connection to a sewerage network, are to cost BGN 637A 000 plus an additional BGN 49A 000.
Where the security is in the form of a cash deposit, it should be transferred to a bank account in BGN - "First Investment Bank", IBAN BG10FINV915010BGN05J05, BIC FINVBGSF or a bank account in EUR - "BNP Paribas SA" - Sofia branch, IBAN BG40BNPA94401420015010, BIC BNPABGSX.
The flawed public procurement deals are worth over BGN 25.