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By my analysis of the BCIS figures, it comes down to pounds 3,600 per year.
onus on the commander to effectuate this notice to the BCIS.
Nevertheless, the BCIS, a bureau of that department, granted the four crew members parole.
In other words, the somewhat time-consuming process of filing an initial visa petition with the BCIS is avoided.
org and BCIS, the building cost information services for RICS, also publishes The Property Makeover Price Guide to help people organise and budget for home improvements - for further details visit www.
BCIS predicts that prices will turn positive in 2011, giving developers only a short window in which to procure projects on highly competitive financial terms.
BCIS Executive Director, Joe Martin, says: "The Greener Homes Price Guide gives consumers a comprehensive heads-up about the costs and effectiveness of green upgrades.
BCIS executive director, Joe Martin, says: "We all have a role to play in helping to reduce our carbon footprint, be it through changes to our behaviour or by choosing greener alternatives.
Developed in partnership with BCIS, the clever service, which is free to use, provides instant quotes for interiors jobs around the home - from moving a door, replacing a staircase to changing a kitchen surface.
The BCIS, Building Cost Information Service, on www.
BCIS updated Property Makeover Price Guide was launched this week.