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He points to POSzT, a national festival due in June, that boasts upwards of 15 shows, many of which he considers to be more mainstream than the BCDF lineup.
Nevertheless, particular themes among the diverse Hungarian plays at the BCDF stood out to the alien eye--namely, a perceived lack of political theatre, an abundance of male-dominated work, an actual dearth of female directors and play wrights--and an ample amount of clapping [see sidebar].
As a founding member of the BCDF, we are committed to continuing this work with our fellow members within the BSF toward a common goal.
The BCDF interoperability demonstration will be held at the SUPERCOMM trade show in Atlanta, GA from June 2nd - 5th, 2003.
The BCDF is working to bring focus on the emerging business models for personalized interactive digital broadband content and services.
We are excited to join the BCDF to play a role in driving discussions on challenges those in our industry face in delivering compelling content to Web users," said Bruce Leichtman, vice president of corporate strategy at Vividon.
The addition of Vividon to the BCDF, and Bruce Leichtman's role as leader of the public relations sub-committee of the Marketing Awareness Committee, clearly demonstrates the forward thinking attitude of the industry as a whole," said Bryan Bain, chairman, BCDF Marketing & Awareness Committee.
The Nice Meeting will continue the effort to develop a market description and taxonomy that can be used as the basis for the BCDF Reference Architecture.
We are delighted to have a company like Elron TeleSoft join the BCDF.
In addition to bringing industry leaders together, the BCDF will accelerate the deployment and adoption of broadband content services over existing Internet infrastructures by facilitating the exchange of information, providing a technical forum for the implementation of ideas and promoting the development of industry standards.
StarGuide Digital Networks and CoolCast bring their leadership in satellite-based, high bandwidth content distribution to the BCDF.
As a member of the BCDF, InfoLibria will propose solutions for enabling rapid development and deployment of movies, music, video, interactive games and other bandwidth-intensive Web content to Internet subscribers worldwide.