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The BCDF is actively soliciting input from content providers, network service providers, hardware and software developers, and content delivery service providers.
The BCDF had its second meeting this month in Boston, MA where members defined their priorities and devoted themselves to accelerate the delivery of rich content to consumers over the Internet.
It is the intention of the BCDF to accelerate the deployment of broadband content over the Internet in an affordable, reliable and secure fashion.
In addition to Nortel Networks and StarGuide Digital Networks, BCDF members include: Akamai, Aliant, Alta Vista, AT&T Broadband, BBC, Bertelsmann, Be Here Corporation, British Telecom, Broadband Digital Group, Broadjump, Canbras, CMGI, DSL Networks, El Mundo, Enron, First Mark Comm.
As a founding member of the BCDF, we are committed to continuing this work with our fellow members within the BSF toward a common goal.
With nearly 90 members, the BCDF was established to bring together experts and top players from across the industry to enhance and optimize the broadband subscribers' experience.
Context Media is looking forward to joining forces with the other members of the BCDF to advance industry standards and speed the delivery of rich-media content," said Dan Harple, CEO and President of Context Media.
The BCDF interoperability demonstration will be held at the SUPERCOMM trade show in Atlanta, GA from June 2nd - 5th, 2003.
In addition to providing a medium for bringing industry players together, the BCDF will speed the deployment and adoption of broadband content services on the existing Internet infrastructure by providing a business forum for exchanging ideas, a technical forum for putting ideas into practice, and an interoperability forum for developing industry standards.
Many industry players have joined the BCDF because they realize a cooperative effort can accelerate the advent of broadband content in the marketplace," said Laurie Shook of Lucent Technologies.
Each of the BCDF Working Groups has made significant progress in contributing to the Forum's stated objective to produce a reference architecture.
In order to ensure the seamless integration of Netpliance's next generation BSD platform into its customers existing infrastructure, the company is participating in standards bodies including IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), OSGi (Open Services Gateway initiative), ICAP (Internet Content Adaptation Protocol) Consortium and BCDF (Broadband Content Delivery Forum).