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BANA, an acronym for benzol-arginine napthylamide. See also benzol-arginine naphthylamide.
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It's always great when you can use humour in drama," Bana says.
Bana, Folly and Mamadou could now face criminal charges.
The dream is to finish the Targa rally in Tasmania, a five-day endurance test which Bana and his co-driver had first attempted a decade before.
Dramatic thread follows Bana and lifelong buddies Tony Ramunno, Andrew "Temps" Templeton and Jack Vukoja souping up the Beast for the umpteenth time and entering it in Targa Tasmania 2007, a five-day rally on notoriously difficult public roads.
Infinitely darker and more violent than the TV series, this big screen version sees Bana playing Bruce Banner, a brilliant researcher working with cutting edge genetic technology alongside his former lover, Betty Ross (Jennifer Connelly).
Bana himself, in Kadambari's last introductory verse, calls his work a katha.
Bana of the West Point Magisterial Court to the Presiding Resident Circuit Court Judge at the Temple of Justice Roosevelt S.
To forget about the war, Bana spends her time reading books and watching movies, one of which is a Harry Potter film.
PESHAWAR -- Young Bana Marri club advanced to next round after securing victory against Combined Stars in a thrilling encounter of the ongoing Peshawar District Hockey Championship being played here at Lala Ayub Hockey Stadium on Tuesday.
OF all the expectations Eric Bana had of working with Ricky Gervais in new film Special Correspondents - good humour, laughter, mickey-taking - being mollycoddled by his co-star and director wasn't one of them.