Awake Surgery

Brain surgery performed on a patient awake enough to describe sensations or contractions evoked by the surgeon who stimulates the cortex to better delineate tissue that can be removed; awake surgery helps minimize the loss of functional tissue
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Awake surgery for WHO Grade II gliomas within "noneloquent" areas in the left dominant hemisphere: toward a "supratotal" resection.
A new "hypnosedation" technique offers a new alternative for patients undergoing awake surgery for gliomas, suggests a study in the January issue of Neurosurgery, official journal of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, published by Wolters Kluwer.
When successful, hypnosis was a reliable and reproducible method for awake surgery, with questionnaire assessments showing little or no negative psychological impact.
All of our surgeons at NuBody Concepts have received specialized training from the pioneers themselves in awake surgery.
As well as removing much of the risk factor, awake surgery also means patients get out of hospital sooner.
Despite it taking longer and costing more, the Irish Cancer Society revealed awake surgery has a much higher success rate and any damage caused can be rectified.
Neurosurgeon Dr Michael Farrell, of Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, said more staff had to be trained in awake surgery techniques and more funding was needed.
The call for more awake surgery was made at a major conference in Dublin, which also heard the Irish Cancer Society call for more neurosurgeons.
Delegates learned how awake surgery, which is common in the US, has only recently been practised in Ireland on a limited basis.