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There are a few studies which analyse the relation between performance level, fear avoidance behaviour and depressive symptoms in patients with low back pain.
Battling PTSD and avoidance behaviour, the court heard how her level of distress made her difficult to interview.
Its most concerning consequence is the mathematics avoidance behaviour that results from high levels of fear.
By challenging and reversing the avoidance behaviour that maintains an adverse mood state, feelings that contribute to that mood state can be improved.
While all elections avoid difficult questions and the 'politics of the possible' is about avoidance behaviour, the 2004 federal election takes the cake.
This is an extreme instance of dental anxiety which creates a pattern of total avoidance behaviour even without a previous traumatic experience.
These examples are both indicative of a diminishing social and psychic distance, involving traditionally accepted avoidance behaviour becoming increasingly unacceptable, and an ongoing, more inclusive process of social integration: more people came to direct themselves to the same code of behaviour and feeling.
Payday and small amount lenders can expect ASIC to take action where they engage in this type of avoidance behaviour , Mr Kell said.
This knowledge about the effects of testosterone in adolescence and adulthood suggests that it is related to influencing the balance between approach and avoidance behaviour.
We set 16 rules, which constitute the initial base rules, to implement the obstacles avoidance behaviour.
The researchers found that "a handshake preceding social interaction enhanced the positive impact of approach and diminished the negative impact of avoidance behaviour on the evaluation of social interaction.
What happens between the receptors and the parts of the brain that trigger that avoidance behaviour remains a mystery, one with direct medical relevance.