avascular necrosis

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a·vas·cu·lar ne·cro·sis

necrosis resulting from deficient blood supply.

avascular necrosis

a·sep·tic ne·cro·sis

(ā-sep'tik nĕ-krō'sis)
Death or decay of tissue due to local ischemia in the absence of infection.
Synonym(s): avascular necrosis.


(ne-kro'sis) ('sez?) plural.necroses [Gr. nekrosis, (state of) death]
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NECROSIS: Necrotic wound of the foot
The death of cells, tissues, or organs. Necrosis may be caused by insufficient blood supply, pathogenic microorganisms, physical agents such as trauma or radiant energy (electricity, infrared, ultraviolet, roentgen, and radium rays), and chemical agents acting locally, acting internally after absorption, or placed into the wrong tissue. Some medicines cause necrosis if injected into the tissues rather than the vein, and some, such as iron dextran, cause necrosis if injected into areas other than deep muscle or vein. See: illustration; gangrene; mortificationnecrotizing (nek'ro-tiz?ing), adjective

acute esophageal necrosis

Necrotizing esophagitis.

acute tubular necrosis

Abbreviation: ATN
Acute damage to the renal tubules; usually due to ischemia associated with shock.
See: acute renal failure

anemic necrosis

Necrosis due to inadequate blood flow to a body part.

aseptic necrosis

Necrosis without infection, e.g., as a result of trauma or drug use.

avascular necrosis


Balser fatty necrosis

See: Balser fatty necrosis

caseous necrosis

Necrosis with soft, dry, cheeselike formation, seen in diseases such as tuberculosis or syphilis. Synonym: cheesy necrosis

central necrosis

Necrosis that affects only the center of a body part.

cheesy necrosis

Caseous necrosis.

coagulation necrosis

Necrosis occurring esp. in infarcts. Coagulation occurs in the necrotic area, converting it into a homogeneous mass and depriving the organ or tissue of blood.
Synonym: fibrinous necrosis; ischemic necrosis

colliquative necrosis

Necrosis caused by liquefaction of tissue due to autolysis or bacterial putrefaction. Synonym: liquefactive necrosis

dry necrosis

Dry gangrene.

embolic necrosis

Necrosis due to an embolic occlusion of an artery.

fat necrosis

Necrosis of fatty tissues, seen, for example, in patients with severe cases of pancreatitis.

fibrinous necrosis

Coagulation necrosis.

focal necrosis

Necrosis in small scattered areas, often seen in infection.

gummatous necrosis

Necrosis forming a dry rubbery mass resulting from syphilis.

ischemic necrosis

Coagulation necrosis.

liquefactive necrosis

Colliquative necrosis.

medial necrosis

Necrosis of cells in the tunica media of an artery.

moist necrosis

Necrosis with softening and wetness of the dead tissue.

postpartum pituitary necrosis

Sheehan syndrome.

putrefactive necrosis

Necrosis due to bacterial decomposition.

radiation necrosis

Necrosis caused by radiation exposure.

subcutaneous fat necrosis of newborn

An inflammatory disorder of unknown cause affecting fat tissue that may occur in the newborn at the site of application of forceps during delivery and occasionally in premature infants.

superficial necrosis

Necrosis affecting only the outer layers of bone or any tissue.

thrombotic necrosis

Necrosis due to thrombus formation.

total necrosis

Necrosis affecting an entire organ or body part.

Zenker necrosis

See: Zenker, Friedrich Albert von

avascular necrosis

Death of a tissue, especially bone, as a result of deprivation of its blood supply. Avascular necrosis of bone is often referred to as osteonecrosis.

avascular necrosis

; AVN focal death of tissue, due to loss of local blood supply, e.g. as in osteochondritis
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