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For the avocado puree, in the bowl of a food processor, puree the avacado and lemon juice until smooth, about one minute.
I loved my fried avacado sea bass with noodles and cous cous and the pineapple tart with ice cream and toffee sauce was divine.
Avocado topped the list of wrongly spelled words, with many customers calling it an avacado or advocado.
Mulligatawny soup with coriader and prawns with wholemeal bread; Smoked chicken, grape and apple salad and low fat greek yoghurt; Avacado and Parma ham salad with fresh figs; Platter of smoked and cured fish with horseradish relish; Lemon wedges and red onion rings with mixed leaf salads; Beef fajitas with all the trimmings; Baked salmon fillets with lemon and caper oil, new potatoes, steamed peas, carrots and French beans.
Nandrolone is a naturally-produced hormone and it has to be four times the normal level to trigger a positive test but foods such as steak, avacado and pate are even treated with it.