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The crab was beautifully fresh and thinly sliced chilies gave the creamy flavour of the avacado a welcome kick.
Notebook Fusion" boasts of a delectable spread of exotic fusion delicacies such as Pazahassi Salad, Pandana's Chicken, Blanket Fish Fillet, Thai Mango Salad, Crab Kadappuram, Notebook Yakitori, Chicken Screwdriver, Shrimps in Avacado and Notebook Dankitori amongst others.
Her breakfast is a "green smoothie", a blend of spinach, banana, avacado, ginger, lime and water.
Individual recipes include Avacado Dip, On the Trail Mix, Pinecone Bird Feeder, Honeyed Ricotta, Ciabatta Fingers, Little Chef's Salad Platter, and more.
The recipesthemselves are drawn from every region of the world and range from Shiso Leaf Tomato (Japan); Verde Trio Salsa (Mexico); Chimichurri (Argentina); and Avacado, Bacon, Jalapeno (Texas); to Som Tom (Northeast Thailand); Watermelon Barbecue (Southern United States);Laos Charred Eggplant (Laos); and Lhasa yellow Achar (Tibet).