autoscopic phenomenon

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au·to·scop·ic phe·nom·e·non

the encountering of an image of oneself, the image being an illusion, a hallucination, or a vivid fantasy.
Synonym(s): autoscopy
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Autoscopy of the larynx and trachea (direct examination without mirror).
It would be interesting someday for science to parse the experience of autoscopy, the meeting of one's double.
Here he refers to a series of phenomena based upon instances of autophany, autoscopy, and pathological multiple personalities, as well as upon the possibility of body-transfer, and even upon the imaginative conception of a single human person animating several bodies simultaneously or successively.
aura, autoscopy, bilocation, depersonalization), mystical and related experiences (e.
Irwin states that in experiences of autoscopy (in which one experiences an apparition of oneself while still subjectively located in the physical body), the body image seen is typically a mirror image of the real body, although he cites no evidence in support of this claim.
In fact, this view could be similar to Wassermann's own theory of autoscopy, that autoscopy occurs when one perceives sphotons emitted from a shadow matter copy of one's own body.
Others--such as one laboriously entitled "Project Transparent Earth and the Autoscopy of Aerial Targeting: The Visual Geopolitics of the Underground"--contain some nuggets but only if one perseveres long enough to discover them.
The software, known as Autoscopy, is currently set up for power-grid-embedded computers, but could feasibly be used alongside the Tulsa team's hyperspeed algorithm, according toNew Scientist.
Mike Tyler's digital performance of Holoman deals with a psychotic condition called autoscopy, which is an extreme form of depersonalisation where the subject's ego is no longer centred in its own body (Bleeker 2008, p.