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alkaline phosphatase.

alkaline phosphatase test (ALP)

a blood test used to determine a variety of liver and bone disorders such as extrahepatic and intrahepatic obstructive biliary disease, cirrhosis, hepatic tumors, hepatotoxic drugs, hepatitis, osteoblastic metastatic tumors, Paget's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and hyperparathyroidism.

ambulance loading post

A point in the forward combat area where sick and wounded personnel are loaded into ambulances for transportation to a clearing station or a hospital.


alkaline phosphatase.
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Then there is the events of recent Australian Labor Party state conferences.
Manifesto of the Australian Labor Party, 1917 Federal Election, Riley and Ephemera Collection, State Library of Victoria.
Costello might more satisfactorily for everyone have gone into the Australian Labor Party rather than into the Liberal Party.
But the Australian Labor Party sees another story in these numbers.
Australia's latest Federal election, which was held on August 21, 2010, has resulted in the return of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), under Prime Minister Julia Gillard, albeit as a minority government.
Australian Labor Party rep Gary Gray has been caught on camera seemingly having a taste of his crowning glory.
Using the prison library, which he regarded as 'one of the strongest features of the place' to good effect, Francis (Frank) Courtenay Browne wrote a manuscript on the history of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).
At both Federal and State levels, the Australian Labor Party supports this costly tax that makes operating public transport more expensive," Mr Mulder said.
Canberra, May 8 (Xinhua-ANI): Australian Labor party member of parliament Craig Thomson remains in parliament after the opposition coalition failed 70 votes to 72 to have him suspended following serious allegations of corruption.
It is high time the Australian Labor Party developed a contemporary policy on allowing safeguarded uranium exports to help India produce much-needed electricity," Mr.
Asylum seekers are a political hot topic in Australia, where the opposition party blames a relaxation of immigration policies by the ruling Australian Labor Party for an increased influx of boat people in the last two years.
In the final chapter Beresford tells us that Burke continues to influence the Western Australian Labor Party.

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