Aunt Nora

A regionally popular term for cocaine
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Indeed, only Aunt Nora can tell you how her celiac disease behaves.
They're like the wussies who give Jack Daniels the heave-ho and take up with Aunt Nora - swapping booze for smack.
Joseph, Colleen Norton and her husband Ron, all of Worcester, and Anne Dolan and her husband John of Jefferson; nine great-nephews, eleven great-nieces, seven great-grandnephews and four great-grandnieces; an aunt Nora Brennan of County Sligo, Ireland; many cousins, and many dear friends.
The jury were given written copies of witness statements from Shane and Chloe Conroy and Hickey's aunt Nora Armitage, who found the body.
Aunt Nora begins the routine of her day, "eas[ing] herself into her slippers," kneeling at 8 o'clock mass, eating her porridge, tucking the strands of her white hair into her "fedora-type hat," and adjusting her "Celtic brooch of gunmetal and amethyst," on her good coat (197-98).
Earlier Madeleine's great aunt Nora defended the couple's decision to have a meal while their children were in the apartment.
ROMFORD's jackpot of pounds 3,659 survied on Monday despite it looking certain to be won after Aunt Nora and favourite Fisio Flash - who each had a unit on them - seemingly had the final leg between them.
However PC Beshenivsky's aunt Nora Stead said of her niece's killers, 'They've been called cowards and I do believe they are.
Sharon's aunt Nora Stead said of the killers: "They've been called cowards and I believe they are.
Jamie's aunt Nora Farrelly said: "Never in our wildest dreams had we thought she wouldn't come home.
Aunt Nora Dougan, 70, spoke of the family's delight at his success.