Aunt Mary

A regionally popular term for marijuana
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Flanagan worked as a shoemaker and would often travel for work, which brought him to Liverpool where he was employed by his aunt Mary Flanagan at Bent Street, which was situated on what is now grass landscaping opposite the junction of Scotland Road and Leeds Street.
Julie's Aunt Mary came to watch her take her karate test.
And it reminds me of the Spectator's agony aunt Mary Killen's wonderful advice to a woman thinking about replacing her husband.
At least once in every movie, a Glaswegian voice would make us sit up and pay attention for a couple of seconds - and my granny would call through from the kitchen, 'That's Aunt Mary Gordon
00pm DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall, below) is delighted when his Aunt Mary, the woman who inspired his love of puzzlesolving, arrives for a visit.
DRAMA Humphrey (Kris Marshall, above) is attacked at the murder scene and ends up in hospital, where he spends quality time with his aunt Mary (Wendy Craig, inset) - only to discover the sad secret she has been keeping from him.
Death In Paradise BBC1, 9pm Wendy Craig (81) makes a guest appearance as Humphrey's Aunt Mary, who gave him his love of problem solving - a perfect skill for a detective.
T wo decades ago, bedridden with breast cancer, my Aunt Mary painstakingly penned her own obituary in longhand.
Norma, 77, said: "I visited my aunt Mary when I was 11.