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He thus enters the "game" of the Holy War predicated by the Aum cult.
After postuniversity studies, he declines any job offer and converts to the Aum cult, becoming an important member of the "Ministry of Sciences and Technologies".
The books of the Aum cult, Beyond Life and Death, Initiation, Mahayana Sutra, starting from the explicit idea that world is inherently bad, also seem to satisfy the expectations of people suffering from people-phobia, from various reasons:
However, the Aum cult changed the initial precepts of Buddhism: "[.
The Aum cult proposed the way to redemption by yoga training, conferring the meetings mainly a thaumaturgic and soteriologic dimension.
A firm run by two human right activists plans to hire AUM Shinrikyo followers to work at a personal computer sales outlet in Tokyo as part of their program to protect the human rights of AUM cult members, sources close to police and the company said Thursday.
The AUM cult, which now calls itself "Aleph" and used to run computer shops to finance its operation, denied involvement in the launch of the new computer outlet.