Aum Shinrikyo

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A Japanese religious movement founded in 1984 by Shoko Asahara, which is a composite belief system based on Asahara's idiosyncratic interpretations of yoga, Buddhism, Christianity, and Nostradamus. Aum gained international notoriety in 1995 when it carried out a sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway system that killed 12 people
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TOKYO - Prosecutors have recognized that AUM cult founder Shoko Asahara is suffering from a mental disorder that stems from being detained for so long, but has rejected calls to suspend a hearing of his appeal case on the grounds that he is incompetent to stand trial, his defense lawyers said Monday.
Expectations are growing among legal experts that the Supreme Court will soon hand down its decision on whether to finalize the death sentence or resume court hearings for AUM cult founder Shoko Asahara after his defense team filed a special appeal more than three months ago.
The following is the list of indictments against AUM cult founder Shoko Asahara in 13 criminal cases, in which 27 people were killed.
The defense added that even if Hayashi were guilty, the sentencing was too severe compared with the life term given to former AUM cult member Ikuo Hayashi, 58, who was found guilty for his involvement in the fatal sarin attack in the Tokyo subway system in 1995 that killed 12 and injured thousands.
However, Endo was found innocent in the fifth case, in which he was accused of hiding two AUM members, who were wanted by police in a separate case, at an AUM cult facility in Kamikuishiki village in Yamanashi Prefecture in April 1995.
A firm run by two human right activists plans to hire AUM Shinrikyo followers to work at a personal computer sales outlet in Tokyo as part of their program to protect the human rights of AUM cult members, sources close to police and the company said Thursday.