Fresnel, Augustin Jean

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Augustin Jean, French physicist, 1788-1827.
Fresnel lens - a lens with a surface consisting of a concentric series of zones that duplicate the power of a lens or prism but with less thickness. Synonym(s): Fresnel prism; lighthouse lens
Fresnel prism - Synonym(s): Fresnel lens
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Levitt presents Augustin Fresnel as an unlikely hero of this era.
Pigeon Point's glass-enclosed lantern room contains an 8,000-pound Fresnel lens, named after its inventor, 19th century French engineer Augustin Fresnel.
the glorious, multiprism lens invented by Frenchman Augustin Fresnel (pronounce it Fray-nell) in 1822.
Address : Zac De La Plaine De La Ronce, 240 Rue Augustin Fresnel, Cs 20931, 76037 Isneauville