audit trail

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audit trail

A software-tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed.

(1) A sequential printed or electronic record of individual audits, which can be used to assess the successful completion and maintenance of performance improvements.
(2) A permanent record of claims and/or payments stored on the database.

The entire written record of documents, correspondence and reports that document study conduct; a secure, time-stamped record that allows reconstruction of the course of events relating to the creation, modification and deletion of an electronic study record.

Study files, changes to CRFs, drug accountability records.

audit trail

Informatics A software tracking system used for data security, which is attached to a file each time it is opened so an operator can identify who and when a file has been accessed. See Internal audit.

doc·u·men·ta·tion trail

(dok'yū-mĕn-ta'shŭn trāl)
A detailed sequential record of events pertaining to a particular matter; used as a risk management technique.
Synonym(s): audit trail.


a well-defined information pathway that leads from data point to data point and sequentially from analysis to conclusion.

audit trail
as for accounting trail but designed for audit purposes.
diagnostic trail
a diagnostic decision tree.
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The WP Security Audit Log Notifications extension can be purchased from the WP White Security website.
For a complete list of WordPress Multisite security alerts generated by WP Security Audit Log plugin refer to the list of WordPress Multisite security alerts.
EpicTide's FairWarning[R] is an affordable, appliance based solution that automates healthcare's best practices for reviewing audit logs from systems which access protected health information.
Enterprise level controls and detailed audit logs are provided for meeting strict security policies and compliance requirements including PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLBA and state privacy laws.
A review of computer security and audit logs usually surface the first jump back--typically the second victim.
Logentries has identified some of the most common Windows Security events and behavior, such as when audit logs are cleared, failed user log-ins occur, changes are made to audit policies, and has made them available out-of-the-box for easy set-up and usage.
The security model minimizes risks from intrusions or unauthorized access, and chronological audit logs can track users and activities for another level of security.
0 product, a highly flexible, scale-able solution for centralizing audit logs and addressing compliance and information security vulnerabilities.
This tool helps companies manage the risk of computer fraud by automatically analyzing audit logs collected from different types of systems across the enterprise, including Unix, NT, and mainframe computers.
Other upgrades include role based access to the reports, secure management of the audit logs, centralized reporting across all tier-1 database servers (MSSQL, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MySQL) and integration with the security event management framework (SIEM).
In addition, the global audit capabilities of The Norton DiskLock Administrator allows LAN administrators to collect audit logs from the individual workstations on the network and store them in a central location.
The development of these solutions is to integrate both static methods of detection such as pattern matching and information on the dynamic state of the system such as users, behavioral profiles generated by audit logs and so on.