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As with all IDT audio codecs, these new codecs provide "HD sound" and feature a simplified, easier-to-use, more robust graphical user interface (GUI).
The new IDT audio codecs are available in a 5x5 mm 40 QFN package and a 7x7mm 48 QFP package.
MetaSound audio codecs provides developers and application integrators
The highly-efficient aacPlus audio codec provides broadcasters with an opportunity to deploy a state-of-the-art audio technology.
LAS VEGAS -- Nero, leaders in digital media technology, announced today that Nero Digital[TM] Audio codec with HE-AAC has won a blind listening test at 48 kbps, beating Windows[R] Media Audio Pro 10 which will be shipped in upcoming Windows[R] Vista operating system.
In preparation for the biggest operating system release in years, SRS Labs has been working closely with the world's leading PC audio codec providers.
Working with Coding Technologies in Europe, DTS has enabled the 'transcoding' of that company's advanced aacPlus MPEG-4 audio codec to DTS Digital Surround in the set-top box.
aacPlus/DTS transcoding allows broadcasters to utilize the high quality, high efficient MPEG-4 audio codec in the emission path for their SD and HD services to deliver more movie, sports, documentary and drama content in improved sound quality to consumers.
Fully Integrated Class-D Audio Codec Extends Cirrus Logic Low-Power IC Family
264 for screen sizes up to QVGA; stereo audio codecs including MP3, AAC+, WMA and others; and it offers 128-voice MIDI ringtones - all handled in software.