Hermann, German physiologist, 1826-1892. See: Aubert phenomenon.
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The latter consisted of these few lines: "I heard three days since from my friend, the Abbe Aubert, that Madame de Cintre last week took the veil at the Carmelites.
Historia Animalium : Schneider, 1812; Aubert and Wimmer, 1860, Dittmeyer, 1907.
Aubert, 56, started his career as a fisherman at the age of 25, after a reprocessing plant started operations in 1966 in La Hague.
In those two volumes, hallowed by the use of two generations of students, and in the essays here gathered and translated by David Boileau, Aubert displays the careful attention to detail and profound knowledge of the period for which he has long been known.
Among the contributors were Louis Aubert of New Orleans; Boston's husband and wife duo, Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz; Darryl Carter of Washington, DC; Birch Coffey, who is located in Lakeville, CT; and New Yorkbased Jamie Drake, Steven Gambrel, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Miles Redd and Vicente Wolf.
Towards the end of 'Combray' Proust uses an expression in regard to his description of the interplay of light and the wet surface of a wall that encapsulates everything Nathalie Aubert attempts to do in this study of the transcription of sense impressions into words.
This follows the discovery of 45 broken headstones at a Commonwealth graveyard for First World War soldiers in St Aubert, near Cambrai, on Monday.
Actors stepped behind the camera, including Stephanie Morgenstern, who impressed with her Prix Jutra-winning short, the intriguing mood piece Remembrance, and Robin Aubert, who explored a rough and marginal universe rarely tackled in Quebec cinema with his short Les Freres Morel, co-directed with Daniel Grenier.
Claude Aubert, a veteran of the toner industry, who will report directly to Ian Gammage, global general manager of Coates' toner businesses.
Deviations in translation: three polemical issues in Francis Henrik Aubert.