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When graphene absorbs atomic oxygen, it oxidizes, producing a change in the material's electrical resistance that a graphene-based sensor could then quickly count to produce a more accurate density measurement.
Atomic oxygen reacts with the carbon-based materials, turning them into carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and water.
This atomic oxygen then reacts with molecular oxygen to form ozone, which absorbs most of the sun's ultraviolet radiation.
The Whiteshell Lab material will be in the shuttle's cargo bay and will be exposed to atomic oxygen while in space.
POSS affords the atomic oxygen survivability without sacrificing the radiation durability or other mechanical properties of the base polyimide.
In comparison with other similar materials for space applications, CORIN XLS offers numerous benefits, including self-healing, atomic oxygen and solar radiation durability, optical clarity, temperature stability, ease of processing with existing equipment and solvents, ease of storage, and low temperature curing," said Frost & Sullivan, Industry Analyst Archana Jayarajah.
ManTech's CORIN XLS Polyimide offers temperature stability common to most polyimides, but adds high optical clarity, room temperature cure, and unmatched resistance to degradation from atomic oxygen and anisotropic plasma etching.
Also presented by Boeing were results of computer modeling calculations on exposure of LDEF surfaces to atomic oxygen and solar ultraviolet radiation.
The supernova's shock wave proved energetic enough to strip five of eight electrons from atomic oxygen gas and induced these ionized atoms to emit the ultraviolet light detected by HUT, reports Arthur F.
Fluoropolymers are relatively expensive and they are generally used in specialised applications such as linings for chemical plant, spacecraft coatings that are resistant to atomic oxygen, fire-resistant coatings for cables, and of course, non-stick functions.