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9) The Athenians in 480 were able to erode the Persian fleet's fighting ability at Artemisium, admittedly with the help of a storm, and soon after at Salamis were able to defeat the Persians at sea, making the decisive land battle at Plataea possible and thus saving Greece.
Many Greeks "medized" (threw their lot in with the Persians), but the Spartans and the Athenians refused.
She intelligently discusses deficiencies in meretricious Brasidas' "crusade" for the freedom of Athens' allies, Nikias' stumblings as Athenian politician and expeditionary commander, and Alkibiades' hopscotching pursuit of power among Athenians, Peloponnesians, and Persians.
Even maimed and battered, this temple to Athena, built of 100,000 tons of Pentelic marble and sitting 500 feet above modern Athens on the limestone rock called the Acropolis, has represented for the cultural heirs of the Athenians all the ideals--political freedom, beauty, humanism, and rationalism--that lie at the heart of Western culture.
The Athenians had made a vow to Apollo that if Theseus and his companions were saved 'they would send a mission to Delos every year' (58b2-3).
53) On the other hand, Kahrstedt accepts the generalship, (54) and Avery follows suit, (55) while Hornblower underscores the fact that the Athenians had started to appoint supernumeraries with different titles to meet the then current command needs, but is inclined towards accepting the three commanders as generals.
Other early philosophers, notably the advocate of humanism and ethical relativism Protagoras, bump up against ordinary Athenians for whom we have scraps of epigraphical evidence, such as a man named Simon, who was perhaps the proprietor of a cobbler shop Socrates frequented.
Old people flirt, married people flirt, now young people are simply using technology to do what Athenians have always done.
The Athenians had failed to secure the island of Salamis from the Megarans.
Ancient Athenians, due to the significant amounts of time spent hearing cases and their own responsibility to conduct their cases as litigants, were far more versed in the law than most people, so it is probably no surprise that a wide variety of aspects of Athenian law can be found in Attic drama, with Aristophanes' Wasps being perhaps the best example.
Worthington asserts Philip's statement to the Athenians in 341 B.
Hence its members tended not to be elites or charismatic individuals but normal, random Athenians.