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a unit of kinematic viscosity, equal to 10−4 m2 per second.


sinus tachycardia.


abbreviation for slow-twitch. See slow-twitch fiber.


Abbreviation for: 
scala tympani
screening test
seizure threshold
seminiferous tubule
sensory threshold
Shiga toxin
signal transduction
sinus tachycardia
skin temperature
skin testing
skinfold thickness
slow twitch
smokeless tobacco
sniff test
soft tissue
solid tumour
solitary tract
Specialty Trainee, see there 
specialty training, see there 
Speech Therapist
speech therapy
spring training
stable toxin
standard therapy
standard treatment
stent thrombosis
steroid therapy
storage time
strength training
stress test
subacute thyroiditis
superior temporal
surface tension
Surgical Technician
Surgical Technologist
survival time
sympathetic trunk
synovial tissue


Abbreviation for scapulothoracic; spasmodic torticollis.


Abbrev. for Speech Therapist.

spastic tetraplegia

; ST spasticity of legs (type I ST) or all limbs (type II SP) with soft-tissue contracture and disuse muscle atrophy; characteristic of some forms of cerebral palsy (see cerebral palsy)


n stomach channel; an acupuncture channel running from the head to the feet on the front of the body and associated with the spleen (SP) channel. See also SP.
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Patient discussion about ST

Q. hi all, this is my 1 st pregnancy hi all, this is my 1 st pregnancy, and I went for my confirmation and they checked with a pee test and an internal exam…..I guess this is not enough. No blood work? Nothing was told about HCG levels, when you all get them? When will they take ultrasound?

A. Elizabeth, congrats for your pregnancy..

Actually, urine test is enough for confirming a pregnancy. and it also detects the HCG level in your urine.
Urine tests or home pregnancy tests are around 97% accurate when done correctly.

Most doctors recommend that you wait until the first day of your missed period before taking a urine pregnancy test. This is usually about two weeks after conception. However, some tests are more sensitive than others and can be taken earlier.

There is also a check for HCG level by drawing your blood, but beside it is more invasive (though it is very accurate), but it is more expensive and not as practice as urine pregnancy test.

Stay healthy always in your pregnancy..

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