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Max A., U.S. dentist, 1903-1965. See: Pleasure curve.


[L. placere, to please]
The feeling of being delighted or pleased.


Any enjoyable or agreeable emotion or sensation, to the pursuit of which most people, who are free to do so, devote their lives.
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He ordered Johnson, now 17, be detained at her majesty's pleasure.
The threat was made after an attack on the Government's long inaction by Phillippa Kaufmann on behalf of a 23-year-old woman currently detained at Her Majesty's pleasure for a murder committed when she was 17.
These convicted criminals are returning to their cells at the end of each shift, at Her Majesty's pleasure - and they do so with no food, accommodation or travel problems to concern them.
Still, at least now he will be able to put his feet up for a while, even if it is at Her Majesty's pleasure.
For his ATTACK on a 5ft, 63-year-old widower, King has rightly been given not so much a short, sharp SHOCK - but a lifetime to reflect on his actions at her majesty's pleasure.
Strange, she seems to take exception to him being a villain who's just served a 10-year stretch at Her Majesty's pleasure, terrorises the locals and deals in stolen booze and dodgy banknotes with Billy Mitchell.
Perhaps Lord Archer or Jonathan Aitken would be in an excellent position to fill the post, since both have experience of Government, but also have taken the trouble to research the other side of law enforcement, at Her Majesty's pleasure.
Yesterday he began his 58th stay at Her Majesty's pleasure after being found guilty of two more burglaries.
Mercer showed little emotion as he was told he would be detained for life at Her Majesty's pleasure by Mr Justice Irwin.
Unlike James Bond you will not be battling with scantily clad young ladies on Her Majesty's Secret Service but could be serving a term at Her Majesty's pleasure Carol Barrie
Many of them are now experiencing a rather different lifestyle at Her Majesty's pleasure.