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Symbol meaning Asp (aspartic acid) or Asn (asparagine or its mono- or diradical).


(ā″simp-tŏ-mat′ik) [ ¹an- + symptomatic],


Without symptoms.
asymptomatically (-k(ă-)lē)
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For the most part, they won't generally have to prepare an Australian prospectus or information memorandum in order to list on the ASX.
Pricing has been usefully reduced in recent times and now opens at around PS15,000 and stretches up to no more than around PS25,000 for the latest ASX line-up.
The ASX is a stylish yet and practical car with good interior space, a high stance - giving you good all round vision - and a generous luggage area.
Another welcome addition is the option of automatic transmission, available on the ASX 4 2.
Levels of grip are good on the ASX 4 thanks to all-wheel drive which is accessed via a push-button situated between the front seats - the car also being able to operate in front-wheel drive only so reducing fuel consumption.
S&P has granted ASX Ltd a license to use and distribute the S&P/ASX 200 VIX Index, and to use it as the basis for S&P/ASX 200 VIX futures contracts, with the permission of CBOE.
That aside though, the ASX is exceptionally comfortable and also offers superb all-round driver visibility.
The next stage of the partnership will allow customers in the ASX Australian Liquidity Centre to directly connect via the ASX global network to SGX, which is the biggest offshore market for Asian equity derivatives and the only international venue with futures contracts for Chinese and Indonesian equity indices.
The ASX has a big boot, 442 litres to be exact with a handy ski hatch that's accessed via the rear arm rest.
CMC Markets Stockbroking is a participant of the ASX Group.
It will be offered in three trim levels, ASX 2, ASX 3 and ASX 4.
Best investor relations by a CEO or chairman at an ASX 100 company