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He said feral cats in particular were responsible for terrible damage to native animal populations, almost wiping out bilbies at Currawinya and Astrebla Downs National Parks.
Zoologists Gerhard Kortner and Fritz Geiser from the University of New England in Armidale came to this conclusion after studying the behaviour of the stripe-faced dunnart (Sminthopsis macroura) in its natural habitat in the Astrebla Downs National Park in Queensland, Australia.
Zeuxine oblonga * Totals 83 57 52 44 Seeds NC NT NWS NWP Abutilon otocarpum * Acacia aneura * Acacia binervata * * Acacia brachystachya * Acacia farnesiana * * * * Acacia implexa * * * * Acacia ligulata * Acacia longifolia * * Acacia melanoxylon * * * Acacia murrayana * * Acacia oswaldii * * Acacia pycantha * Acacia salicina * * * * Acacia sophorae * Acacia stenophylla * * Acacia tetragonophylla * Acacia verniciflua * Alectryon oleifolius * * Ammania multiflora * Astrebla spp.
They develop tussock grassy savannahs dominated by species of Astrebla (Mitchell grasses), with a few scattered acacias, and are considered the best grazing land in Australia.
For example, bunch grasses in the genus Astrebla, which are dominant in arid and semiarid regions of Australia, flower at any time of year when adequate moisture is available and when temperatures are above a certain minimum (Jozwick 1970).
Orr DM, Phelps DG (2013) Impacts of level of utilisation by grazing on an Astrebla (Mitchell grass) grassland in north-western Queensland between 1984 and 2010.
In the brigalow environment these may include Dichanthium, Astrebla, Bothriochloa, and Heteropogon, although the major limitation to this occurring is seed availability (Burrows 2000).
vesicaria and Astrebla pectinata association, which covers 26.
1 Pennisetum clandestinum 1 Astrebla lappacea 1 Paspalum notatum (A) Not a tropical grass species.
gayana, Cenchrus ciliaris (buffel grass), Heteropogon contortus (black spear grass), and Astrebla lappacea (curly Mitchell grass) were present.
Brigalow, Acacia harpophylla; belah, Casuarina cristata; Mitchell grass, Astrebla spp.