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Etymology: L, assilirere, to leap upon
1 an unlawful act that places another person, without that person's consent, in fear of immediate bodily harm or battery.
2 the act of committing an assault.
3 to threaten a person with bodily harm or injury. See battery.


The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his or her consent.


Forensic medicine The unlawful placing of an individual in apprehension of immediate bodily harm without his/her consent. See Sexual assault, Nonsexual genital assault.

assault/interpersonal violence

A social act involving a serious abuse of power, consisting of the exertion of physical force and power over another individual with the intent of controlling, disempowering and/or injuring that individual. See Domestic violence.


n an intentional, unlawful offer of bodily injury to another by force or unlawfully directing force toward another person to create a reasonable fear of imminent danger, coupled with the apparent ability to do the harm threatened if not prevented. A completed assault is a battery. In a medical setting, the unconsented touching of the body would be an assault and battery.

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Marquand makes hay Tom Marquand continued his assualt on the apprentice title with a treble, which kicked off when Wiley Post scored in first-time blinkers in the 5f nursery.
Having set themselves up to launch an assualt on the Premier League title, and moved to the verge of the Capital One Cup final, Pellegrini's attention now turns to overcoming Blackburn.
A spokesman for the force said the assaulted officer had received "minor" injuries and one man had been arrested and charged with assualt.
YOUNG dairy handlers in North Wales tuned up for an assualt on national honours at this weekend's All Breeds All Britain Calf Show.
He also faces charges of sexual assualt and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.
The big striker courted trouble and two years ago was ordered to stay with Nolan - then Newcastle captain - while he was on bail for assualt charges.
Police arrested Cara Turley after she wrongly took the blame for Roberts' assualt on her father and left.
Gaitan, 40, was sentenced to 17 years and four months in prison earlier this year after pleading guilty to kidnapping and a number of sex assualt charges.
The assualt left several demonstrators were bleeding from head wounds.
Last night a third man, an 18-year-old, was charged with murder, robbery and assualt.
Armando Calidonio, Honduras's vice-minister for security, said that around five attackers armed with assualt rifles pulled up in a car at the football field in the northern city of San Pedro Sula, where they shot the victims at point blank range before fleeing.
The 1,419, which includes five alleged rapists and 175 people facing sexual assault and assualt charges, would be enough to fill Edinburgh's Saughton Prison twice if they were all rounded up.