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Herbert, German internist, 1882-1950. See: Assmann tuberculous infiltrate.
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Failing to keep up would be like missing the change-over from film to digital photography, says Stefan Assmann, Bosch's senior vice president of connected industry.
At our house, blossoming dandelions and buzzing flies leave no doubt; it is gardening time at the Assmann house.
Klaus Assmann, vice president of retail and hospitality Dubai Parks and Resorts, commented: "We started the leasing process of the 50-plus outlets available in May and in less than four months almost 50% of the units have been leased by great brands.
Jan Assmann se dispone a desestabilizar esta tesis: en los textos fundacionales del monoteismo biblico, arguye, se halla una semantica de la violencia.
In addition, the team includes Aida Hamza, senior vice president of business support; and Klaus Assmann, vice president of retail and hospitality, has 27 years of experience with many well-known hospitality brands.
At the moment all indications look very positive, considering the feedback we are receiving from our clients," Klaus Assmann, general manager of the hotel said.
From Downtown, The Palm Jumeirah, Jeddah and more, Sofitel continues to offer its guests the opportunity of a prime location combined with five-star luxury," reinforces Assmann.
examines the mess that the Nazis created, including Heidegger on humanism, Junger on war for the sake of war, Lowith on having a sense of humor and a sense of departure from the German masters, Arendt on banality, Gadamer on phenomenology and the disinfection of language, Amery on phenomenology in the death camps, and Assmann on violence.
Wahrend in vielen Fachern auch ausserhalb der Geschichtswissenschaft, etwa in der Literaturwissenschaft, die Theorien des kulturellen Gedachtnisses von Jan und Aleida Assmann weit verbreitet sind, bleibt die Musikwissenschaft, die sich traditionellerweise etwas schwerfalliger mit kulturwissenschaftlichen Methoden und Fragen anfre undet.
Memory in a Global Age: Discourses, Practices and Trajectories is a collection published in 2010 edited by Aleida Assmann and Sebastian Conrad.
Its general manager, Klaus Assmann, calls the result Dubai's first "art hotel".
This volume, which first appeared in 2008 as volume 57 of the Forschungen zum Alien Testament series (Tubingen: Mohr Siebeck), is fundamentally a response to ideas presented by Jan Assmann in Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism (Cambridge, Mass.