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Education specializes in diagnostic assessments, instructional materials, and test preparation products that match state tests.
Parallels between home buying and storage assessments
Such assessments could include periodic surveys that ask students whether they (1) discuss course topics outside of class; (2) read business journals regularly; (3) read nonbusiness periodicals regularly; (4) consider how current course work ties into prior course work; and (5) participate in student business clubs.
Median assessments for both the Gap and Bronzeville neighborhoods on the South Side more than doubled from 2000 to 2003, according to the assessor's office.
6 percent less in assessments last year, with the median monthly assessment of $187.
The district uses a variety of standard early assessment tools including the Betel Developmental Inventory, Developmental Profile 2 and Vineland and DAYC assessments.
I remember my first experience with 360-degree assessments came when I was serving as chief of staff for Cigna.
The federal legislation, No Child Left Behind, "requires states to administer reading and mathematics assessments at least once a year to students in grades 3 through 8 (and once more in grades 10-12) by 2005-06.
The first author recruited, oriented, trained, and provided ongoing supervision for the research assistants to conduct the assessments.
First, in-context assessments produce results that hold a high degree of face validity for the client, thus increasing compliance and follow through.
Assessments will primarily address employment issues, but will also include other community environments utilized by consumers.
When Sylvia Gross reads her property tax bill each year, she's upset and confused by the growing array of special taxes and assessments tacked on to it.

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